Avoidance of Crowded places
To avoid congestion at the entrance, we may ask guests to wait for a little while when entering and exiting the restaurant. We also may ask guests to adjust the time of their reservation.
Avoidance of Closed spaces
To promote thorough ventilation, the entrance and room windows will always be left open. Air conditioning will also be used.

Avoidance of Close-contact
At least 1 meter (about 3.5 feet) of space will be maintained between tables for customers (whether seated diagonally or side by side, etc.). An acrylic partition is also available to be set up between tables, if necessary.

Measures regarding hygiene

  • Hand-sanitizer will be available at the entrance, in the restroom, in the walkway, and nearby tables.
  • The menu will either be disposable or thoroughly sterilized with alcohol after each use.
  • We thoroughly disinfect tables, chairs, and floors with alcohol.
  • An assigned employee will continuously sterilize things such as handles, doorknobs.

  • All employees or authorized workers will wear surgical masks.
  • Employee's temperatures will be taken before arriving at the restaurant and recorded when they start work.
  • Any employees feeling unwell or found to have a fever, will stop work immediately.

Request for our customers

  1. When entering the restaurant, please have the person in charge of your group, write down their name and phone number.
  2. Please disinfect your hands with the alcohol at the entrance.
  3. Any customers feeling unwell or sick, will not be permitted to enter the restaurant. In addition, any customers feeling unwell or causing a disturbance to other customers at the restaurant may be asked to leave. We ask for your kind understanding.
    ・Those with cold-like symptoms ・Those with a fever ・Those feeling unwell
  4. We ask that you wear a surgical mask anytime you are away from your seat.
  5. Please cover your mouth with tissue paper, a towel, or your sleeve if you cough at your seat.