Ningyocho Imahan's three commitments to selectivity.
Here are three of Ningyocho Imahan's commitments below that we would like to introduce. We will continue to carry on always adhere to these commitments.

Commitment to High-Quality Beef

At our butcher shop, we focus on dealing with Japanese Kuroge Wagyu (Black Beef Wagyu), but we do not have any strict adherence to procuring a specific brand of beef or specific location that it is produced. The reason for this is that the quality of the beef is dependent on many factors, such as the lineage of the cattle, the techniques used to raise the livestock, and most importantly the passion and effort that the farmers devote toward raising their cattle.
In addition, the fat is also a determining factor of how good the beef tastes. The fat can be divided into hard and soft types of fat. Cows with a harder type of fat generally tend to be preferred by many companies because the appearance of the marbling makes it look appealing, but our company looks beyond appearance; we are very selective about also factoring in the degree of softness, and the "melt-in-your-mouth" factor. This is because soft fats contain lots of "unsaturated fatty acids" and are an important component responsible for bringing out taste and tenderness. The end result is that the fat has a low melting point and you get wonderful melt-in-your-mouth beef.
Our butcher only procures female cattle. The reason for this is because the quality of the meat tends to be softer in female cattle than male cattle, the result being that our customers enjoy a better quality and better-tasting beef.
These are some examples of our commitment to providing only the best quality beef to our customers. Based on our commitment, our beef purchasing manager Mr. Shinomiya, closely examines and selects carefully one by one, branding it ''Ningyocho Imahan Kuroge Wagyu, " and is provided to our customers as our own brand.

Purchasing Manager

Commitment to Technique

We are constantly striving to improve our technique to ensure the best taste of our carefully selected beef.
After the beef is processed, the beef is aged, which is another determining factor to the quality of meat. This aging is done to maximize and bring out the deliciousness and softness of the beef.
In addition, Ningyocho Imahan has a method of cooking the meat that combines different techniques that have been cultivated over many years; methods of bringing out the "texture," "deliciousness," and "beauty" of the beef.

Carefully selected ingredients and refined cooking techniques.
We are dedicated to studying the technical capabilities of maximizing the quality of the ingredients. The taste, softness and end product can change completely, depending on the angle that is used to cut the beef with the knife. We pay strict attention to every detail that goes into providing our customers with the highest quality and most delicious beef.

Commitment to Safety and Hygiene

One of the most important things that we are very particular about is providing a safe product for our customers. An in-house hygiene inspection room is set up, and food hygiene management technicians check and manage the hygiene in the kitchen of each restaurant, in addition to performing unannounced bacteria tests on the food twice a month and detailed guidance based on the results. Very strict attention and meticulous steps are taken based on these results. In addition, checks are conducted by an external inspection organization, which also checks our system of hygiene inspection itself. Since "bacteria" cannot be seen with the naked eye, there are important three points below which we adhere to:
①Not carry it in ②Not increase it ③Remove it
The results are measured and specific hygienic measures are implemented with an emphasis on three points above.
Our company conducts a sanitary management check, called a "clean check" at all of our business sites once a month. Clean checks are not limited to checking the sanitation of the cooking equipment used but are also performed according to our strict and uncompromising standards to determine whether the seats and sales floors are organized, tidy, and clean. The employees that perform the clean checks are assigned the role on a rotating basis, and work to raise awareness of hygiene throughout the company by also checking other business locations. We are trusted by our customers because we provide them with safety, security, and peace of mind. We work hard and strive everyday so that our customers can always comfortably and pleasantly visit us.