Ningyocho Imahan is committed to making the most delicious Shabu Shabu. Here we introduce four reasons why our special shabu-shabu is loved by countless people.

1st Reason: Our Soup

The ponzu sauce in our shabu-shabu is an integral element to bringing out the umami of the ingredients.
The blending of our sweet Rausu konbu (seaweed) and delicious stock made from Rishiri Kelp produces a rich aromatic soup that enhances the taste of the main dish ingredients without interfering or overpowering their innate flavors.
Please enjoy the wonderful umami and savory fragrance of our broth.

2nd Reason: Our Ponzu Sauce

The citrus fruits used in our ponzu sauce are those produced in Oshima, from the Suō Province of Yamaguchi Prefecture, and are known to be also often procured by the Imperial Household Agency.
In order to harvest fragrant oranges, they are picked early when the skin of the fruit is blue.
In addition to maximizing the natural aroma, taste and sourness of the oranges, we were able to successfully further deepen the taste and umami by adding Rishiri kelp and flavorful bonito.

3rd Reason: Our Sesame Sauce

The aroma of the sesame sauce is of absolute importance.
Our sesame sauce is made with roasted sesame seeds and is always made fresh to produce the best aroma.

4th Reason: Ningyocho Imahan's Premium Kuroge Wagyu

The meat served for our shabu-shabu is the best cut from Kuroge Wagyu (Japanese black cattle).
Our flavorful Kuroge Wagyu (Japanese black beef) is a high-quality meat with such a low melting point that the meat is ready to eat soon after dipping it into the soup. Please enjoy the tender meat as it melts in your mouth. We recommend enjoying it medium rare when the meat is only slightly pink.